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    RHAM Youth Football & Cheerleading, Inc.

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    RHAM Youth Football & Cheerleading, Inc. (RYFC) is a non-profit youth organization serving the greater Hebron, Andover and Marlborough area. We are in our 48th year of serving our community and providing to youngsters ages six through thirteen an energetic and positive learning environment through instruction in the American tradition of football. Players graduating our program go on to local and private high schools throughout the state to carry on the tradition they began as a youngster in RYFC at the age of six or seven.

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    That RYFC is a mainstay in our community is no accident. As a non-profit group we rely heavily on donations from businesses and families to support the costs of equipment, uniforms and supplies. Many youth programs make players purchase their own equipment. RYFC, however, provides state-of-the-art equipment to football players and cheerleaders alike in order to furnish the safest possible environment. Football players receive state-of-the-art helmets, shoulder pads and other items while cheerleaders are provided state-of-the-art shock-absorbent mats and training equipment to ensure the safest of environments for stunt work. RYFC also seeks to provide the safest field environments which include regular maintenance and a lighted practice field.

    These great opportunities and benefits to the youth of our community comes at a price and this is where we turn to the generosity of our sponsors. Become a partner sponsor today and you'll be joining a strong and proud tradition of excellence for the youth of our community.

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    RHAM Youth Football & Cheerleading, PO Box 209, Hebron, CT 06248

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