RYFC Coaching Information

Prospective Head and Assistant Coaches Information

Throughout the years RHAM has boasted a number of excellent Football and Cheerleading coaches--aka dedicated moms and dads-- who have generously shared their time, efforts and love of the sport with RHAM football players and cheerleaders. Their hard work and dedication have helped make RHAM the vibrant and exciting organization it is and will continue to be in the future.

The job of coaching is a demanding and challenging position and each year the RHAM Board considers and votes on a number of applications from individuals interested in coaching. All coaches and assistant coaches must re-apply from year to year, therefore, if you are a returning coach/assistant coach or if you are new to RHAM and decide you want to give coaching a try, please follow the steps below.

Head & Assistant Coach Applications (Cheer & Football)

Generally, all coaches and assistant coaches must first notify the Coach Coordinator of Football or Cheer to inform them of their interest in coaching a particular squad. The Coach Coordinators will be able to answer any questions a prospective coach or assistant coach may have. Next, applicants are asked to fill in the coaching application (it is the same for head or assistant coaches), and email it to the respective Coach Coordinator (football or cheer) who oversees the squads. All Head and Assistant Coaches will have to submit to a background check.

Coaching Applications

Football Coach Application
Cheer Coach Application

Code of Ethics
NCFL Coaches Ethics document

Application Submission
The preferred form of submission is via email but they can also be submitted by mail (RHAM Youth Football & Cheerleading, PO Box 209, Hebron, CT 06248) or by hand delivering to a Board Member.

Electronic applications for Head Coaches should be emailed to the RYFC Board President

Next, all applicants will be contacted by the Coach Coordinator to let them know if there is any missing information and to let them know the Board Meeting at which they will be interviewed.

Behind the scenes, the Coach Coordinators gather and submit all applications to the RHAM Board Members for review. At the appointed Board Meeting, all Board Members will interview prospective head coach and assistant coach applicants and render a vote. Since RHAM Board Meetings are public, all RHAM Parents with an interest in the proceedings are encouraged to attend. RHAM Board Members, however, are the only parties who can vote on the coaching and assistant coaching positions. Once votes have been tabulated, head and assistant coaches will be notified.

Coaching Administrative Information

First, Head Coaches do not have 'veto power' over which assistant coaches have applied to help their teams. As long as there are available assistant coaching positions open (8 is the maximum number of assistants unless more are allowed by the head coach) applications for assistants will be considered. Just as players are asked to work together as a team, so is the coaching staff.

Second, new Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are asked to attend some or all registration nights to answer questions about their squads. Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are encouraged and advised to plan and meet ahead of the start of the season to adequately prepare for the season. To help in football play preparation, RYFC has purchased licenses for play-writing software. Head Coaches should contact the Football Coach Coordinator to get password and license information.

Third, because of the time commitment involved in coaching, Head Coaches are exempt from Committee participation, the required game day jobs, and Hebron Harvest Fair parking duties. Assistant Coaches, while they are exempt from Committee participation they are not excused from game day duties.

Fourth, all Head Coaches are required to take a Concussion Training course. While not mandatory, all Assistant Coaches are advised to take a Concussion Course.

Football Coach Online Training

Cheer Coach Training Information

Fifth, in the operation of a football or cheer squad, certain administrative details must be established in order that RYFC Organization will run smoothly. To this end, on each team (football and cheer) one family can sign up to be the Team Manager** and, on all football squads another family can sign up to be the Team Article Writer***. Briefly, the Team Manager has the responsibility of acting as the 'point person' for the collection of various forms-- fundraising, picture ordering, etc.; the implementers and designer of the Snack Calendar, and to act as the general 'helper' to the Head Coach for the establishment of various initiatives (care package compilation, Cheerleader flower purchases, etc.). For details on these positions click on the following links:

**NOTE: If a Head Coach wants a particular parent/family to act as Team Manager, the Head Coach must, provided the parent agrees to hold the position, notify the Volunteer Coordinator Board Member of name of the family/parent so the position can be reserved on Registration Night. Failure to notify the Volunteer Coordinator Board Member will result in the Head Coach's choice not being honored in favor of the individual who signs up for the position on Registration Night.

*** NOTE: It is up to the Head Coach's discretion whether or to use a parent or an Assistant Coach as the Team Article Writer. All positions for which RHAM Parents can sign up will be available as part of the registration process. If no Article Writer position is offered for the team then it has already been taken by an Assistant Coach.