RYFC Complaints

RYFC Complaints

RYFC strives to make participation in its Youth Football & Cheerleading Program a fulfilling experience for all families, coaches, players and cheerleaders. In fact, the ties RYFC families make with fellow participants endure for years to come! On occasion, however, issues arise which need to be brought to the attention of the President of RYFC and/or to its Board of Directors.

If a family has an issue to bring before the RYFC Board, please first refer to the RYFC Bylaws and any related Policies to determine the Bylaw Section and/or Policy Section under which a complaint will fall, and refer to the Complaint Procedure Section (Article XVII) of the Bylaws.

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Next, please fill out RYFC's Complaint Intake Form:

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and submit your completed complaint form to the RYFC President. All Complaints are addressed in strict confidentiality, however, it is essential that Complainants follow the complaint procedure in the RYFC Bylaws to assure a speedy and equitable resolution.